Dudalina Brand History

The shirt manufacturing Dudalina started in 1957 on the little town of Luis Alves, on the countryside of Santa Catarina, Brazil. With the enterpreneur spirit the founder Adelina Hess de Souza trnasformed a fabric lot that was no longer selling in the family’s warehouse into shirts.

“Create products that delights and angage people to the magic of dudalina’s universe , for it to be the most admired brazilian fashion company.

Well cut and high quality the shirts soon made success in town and the demand started to grow in a short time, the production sccupied the first floor of the family’s housw and shirt manufacturing bacame the main business Known for it’s impecable cut the Dudalina shisrts are a reference until today by accurate finishing process quality and tradition

The company prospered and in 1986 had already six industry sites in Santa Catarina in the Brazilian Southern region. By the end of 90 ’ Dudalina was the leader in shirt production and Brazil’s largest exporter. With a main focus in menswear Dudalina
expanded the business to serve new publics. In 1987, Dudalina launches the brand Individual, with a product mix for the modern man in the same period also launched the womenswear and consolidates the biggest shirt making company in Latin America.

In recent years the company streghtens in the National Market with more than 70 stores throughout the country, and also expands its presence abroad In 2013 two of the biggest investment funds from USA, Advent and Warburg Pincus took the company’s control and accelerates its global expansion In 2014 the brand merged with Restoque and from this union became the largest Brazilian high fashion group.