Enchant and create a solid, longlasting relationships with our customers and fans through the value of our products, services and the company’s image. Create an experiences that evoque passion for the whole Dudalina universe.

Dudalina Women

Who is our costumer and what does she thinks?

A delicate woman who knows exactly what she wants and where she wants to get Ambitious and extremely demanding the Dudalina customer searches for the highest quality with style and unique details And she finds it all on Dudalina’s products feeling privileged with the brand’s exclusivity Wearing Dudalina, women search for power uniqueness luxury prestigie and elegance.

They are women with high levels of social and cultural background and that decide their purchases. Their life profile involve work, family and health and they search for professional success and their family’s wealth. These women have a strong professional and personal network. They influence their friends and are also influenced by them. They search for practicity with quality and design.

Dudalina Men

Who is our costumer and what does she thinks?

The Dudalina Men customer searches for recognition, practically and status The brand translates quality and good taste wich reflects on the identity of the Dudalina Men customer An executive man full of commitments and with na active social life But also who likes to make for traveling and leisure With Dudalina Men he fells well dressed for every occasion, and feels admired and confidente for any challange that
might come.

He puts quality and convenience first Aware of the strict production process the costumer shops confidendent in the search of what he needs to make his clothing aligned Focused, the Dudalina man knows what he wants, but stays open to what is new in every collection He is an admirer of the brand and searches for quality and confort on shirts and every other Dudalina’s product.